The business network that bridges technologies for healthcare innovation.

We connect...

- Through our online platform we present and connect parties: What is your proposition in future healthcare solutions?  What do you need to make it happen?

- We organize face to face, interactive events such as matchmakings, pitching sessions, thematic conferences,…

- We publish Market Intelligence summaries, Gap Analysis headlines, and we market collective efforts,…

- We take care of joint representations at international fairs and group visits…


We cultivate...

- Together with our members, we establish and roll out projects: concrete, sensible, multi-disciplinary collaborations in emerging new business areas through:

   - Hosting ideas for "Cultivation"

   - Launching project calls
      - Co-creation sessions with multiple stakeholders, technology supply, markets / landing places,
      - Business model canvas
      - Value chain mapping,
      - Partnerships,
      - Matchmakings…

   - Evaluating against Market Intelligence and Gap Analysis

   - Connecting projects with Financing

   - Interacting with authorities to clear the path for novel approaches


We consolidate.

- Build and share a repository of results achieved in "Cultivate" projects

- Set-up education, research and training programs: influx of talent and ideas into industry is needed. Create thematic trainings to increase the skills in the community.

- Set-up of new assets such as living labs, large scale demonstrators, pilot lines,... 

- Funding resources




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